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Jask Oil Terminal Project in I.R.IranTender

Publishe Date:Thursday, May 05, 2016

Expiration Date:Sunday, May 22, 2016

Call for Investment

Jask Oil Terminal Project in I.R.Iran

The following issues are conveyed for information.

The Jask Terminal Project comprises the construction of crude oil tanks, three SPM and other facilities for an import/export oil terminal (with ten million barrels storage tank capacity and one million barrels average of day per month loading and unloading) in Jask, located in Hormuzgan Province in Islamic Republic of Iran. The Project is on basis of financing, construction, operation and transfer (BOT).

  1. The preliminary Cost of execution of the Project is estimated at 400,000,000 Euro.
  2. The land for construction of the project is adjacent to Oman Sea and will be provided and made available to potential bidder by NIOC.
  3. All bidders must offer leasing price for crude oil storage (barrel per day) for 15 years. Details are provided in Bid documents.
  4. NIOC guarantees to enter into a Leasing Contract and lease the tanks for a period of 15 years. Commencement Date for payment of leasing charges will be completion of construction and date when the project is operational.
  5. The bid documents will be submitted to bidders whose finance and technical capacity has been approved by NIOEC after a prequalification process.
  6. Submission of a Bank bid bond by bidders is foreseen in the bid documents.
  7. The Project must be constructed in compliance with technical specifications of Iranian Ministry of Petroleum.
  8. All international (foreign or non Iranian) companies shall involve an Iranian company (approved by NIOEC) as their partner and submit a Consortium Agreement at bid stage.
  9. Other provisions and conditions are covered in the bid documents.




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