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Bandar Abbas refinery next year will produce Euro 5 petrol and diesel

The increase in gasoline production and improve product quality in Bandar Abbas refinery to produce nearly 14 million liters of petrol and diesel Euro 5 will come into operation next year

Executive director of the National Iranian Oil civil engineering and director of the project, told reporters:This project aims to extract 6 million and 7 million and 950 thousand liters of diesel per liter Euro 5 executive with international standards and progress is now at over 93 percent.

Hamid Sharif Razi, excavation carried out in the project, nearly 450 thousand cubic meters of concrete to announce about 120 thousand cubic meters and added: Moreover, the implementation of 116 thousand underground piping inches in diameter, piping Surface Qtraynch 658-thousand, 750 km and 800 km of cabling cabling instrumentation is done.


Date of publish: Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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