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National Iranian Oil , Engineering & Construction Company (NIOEC)  as the main arm of  Design/Engineering for National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) is responsible for performing pipelines, oil storages, oil jetties, buildings and D.Clinics projects among which, refineries development & construction projects could be highlighted.

The most NIOEC's abilities could be briefed as below:

  • Performing  tender procedures, preparing  and managing  contracts and monitoring implementation of the contracts in an appropriate conditions
  • Ability of cost estimating for plans and projects
  • Implementation of appropriate solutions in order to achieve know-how  and  up to date technologies in projects
  • Accessibility to up to date engineering standards editions
  •  Technical and managerial supervising  plans and projects
  • Procurement for plans and projects with good quality and in appropriate time
  • Quality evaluation and assessment of domestic and foreign manufacturer and supplier
  • Ability of quick and effective performing custom formalities and clearance
  • Monitoring and conformity of purchased goods with the standards for plans and projects
  • Establishing and surveying of management system and having up to date and codified implementation process and task documentations
  • ​Company's  performance  evaluation through measuring indicators and regular audits
  • Conducting and performing research projects for the advancement of organization's goals and needs
  • Survey investigation's instructions and conformity with the related standards in plans and projects
  • Accessibility up to date and codified HSE instructions
  • Supplying HSE requirements throughout the plans and project' life cycle 

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