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Update technical specifications
Update of IPS

 Update technical specifications

I​n 2004 the former management of engineering design during implementation of Arak and Bandar Abbas refinery projects due to different substances and geographical distribution of contracts, existing a series of technical specifications and contract documents, using old technical specification and many more cases had been brought in duty and service contracts, which cause the lack of integrity in the document and the confusion and ignorance of the degree of their priority, and that the technical specifications and related documents were very old and need to be revised, concluded that the evidence is not sufficient to promote new projects and cannot be evidence in the possession of contractors, and this make an introduction for the preparation of technical specifications of the company. 
In 2004 the development of technical specifications based on up-to-date international principles and standards was approved by the company's management and in the same year, In order to develop technical specifications, committees made up of 11 basic committees in various disciplines engineering in the company were formed which included, process, fixed mechanical, rotary mechanical, civil and structures, piping, instrument, electrical, metallurgical committee, etc.
At that time, since IPS standards could not cover all the project requirements, it was decided that new technical specifications to be prepared based on IPS standard and to maintain its general principles that was defined as “preparation of NIOEC Specifications project ”. 
Finally in 2004, 232 technical specifications in 11 different engineering disciplines were issued. Technical specifications of the company have been developed in such a way that the required standard of IPS are completly considered .
NIOEC specifications package is located as attachment in all contracts of the NIOEC projects. Contractors and consultants are required to use these technical specifications. It should be noted that technical knowledge of company engineers improved considerably as a result of technical specifications proceeding. After the preparation of technical specifications, standardization committees were kept active. Specialized committees established are constantly being revised technical specifications review and correct the problems that arising in the project. However, in addition to the list, which is caused by problems Projects, because of changes in the international standards every 5 years, technical specification needs to review and revised. It has revised twice since developed, about 500 different sessions are held during the reviewing period by the managers, engineers of the design and engineering affairs and the consulting companies and contractors. The results of comments outcome in terms of the minutes considered, should be confirmed in the validating committee which include the senior management of engineering design, standards, technical and other relevant experts and managers.
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