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Design & Engineering

Equipment Manufacturer's Assessment
Update technical specifications
Update of IPS

 Design and Engineering

Some of the main activities of design and engineering affairs are listed as below.
  • Collaboration for developing and updating of Iranian petroleum standards (IPS) and also developing and updating of NIOEC Specifications with due consideration to the updated and new international standards as well as technical feedbacks  received from the implemented projects.  This activity is implementing  by conducting thousands of man-hours and hundreds of technical sessions with participation of project managers, engineers, consulting firms and contractors.
  • Engineering services to the company projects by allocating engineers to the projects and also working on the technical quires raised by the projects. 
  • Evaluate and define the oil downstream projects such as, new and development projects in the refining sector,  crude oil & product pipelines,  storage tanks, oil export jetties and retrofitting projects, etc.
  • Feasibility studies, basic design and detailed design activities either trough contractors or by the internal capability of company’s resources.
  • Taking advantage of new technologies in order to upgrade the excising refineries. 
  • Acquiring of the required process units’ licenses from the reputable international companies,
  • Assist in localization and development of the process technologies with determining research priorities and technical leadership and management of  the academic and research teams.​
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